Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Editing for sales!

 This item is sold! Visit my Etsy for other items. :) I'm so excited! Yesterday, someone purchased my Legend of Zelda inspired renaissance satchel! LOTS and LOTS of people liked it, but one lucky person took the plunge. It's weird to think that someone out there will be using an item that I made. It also makes me nervous. All my insecurities are trying to crowd my brain. What if they hate it when they get it? What if it's not actually good
enough? Gaaaaah! But then I remind myself; they bought it. It had pictures. They showed it for what it was, as it was.

*Deep Breaths*

In other news; I've been working on editing and re-posting other listings. I've gotten four more done today, so far. I've come up with a system, so it's going more quickly now. They've also all been organized into their correct spots, so that isn't taking up my time anymore.
Also; when I was at the post office mailing off the Zelda pouch, I was able to look at some shipping materials and ask some questions. Which means we are a few steps closer to me shipping internationally. I bought a small shipping tube, which may not be the most cost effective way to ship, but at least, I won't be caught unprepared if someone buys one, and I have to ship it to them.
 Etsy Etsy

 Etsy Etsy

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